"The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms"- Muriel Rukeyser

Everybody is creative. Use your creative vents to tackle anything. At the workplace. Everywhere!

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Your VUCA superpower

Create, Process, Execute

Creativity is the answer to VUCA! Our Flagship program brings together your management teams to create, process and execute a project like they’ve never done before. Over three 5 day interventions in a quarter, combining classroom learning and outdoor tasks, individuals will run through a time bound VUCA project incorporating either Video or Theatre. Program scenarios are directly linked to the participant roles and identified by our consultants in collaboration with HR & Operational teams during a 2 week prework. Starting INR 25 Lakhs onwards.


Organizational Values and Mission program

From new hires to existing teams to leadership groups, participants in our .MoV program create short films depicting organizational Values and Mission in action. During the course of a 5 day workshop, participants go on a journey of reflection and discovery of the soul of the enterprise. Starting INR 7 Lakhs onwards.


Employer Branding and Employee Engagement program

Celebrity employees anyone?

We work with your employees to help bring their creativity and passion to the screen. We work with them off premises to create short online travel, music, food or business shows that can be showcased internally and externally. Starting INR 2 Lakhs onwards.